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Why Kayaking is Good For Your Health

Kayaking is a popular past time activity to many people. Besides the fun and thrill associated with this sport, kayaking is beneficial in many ways. Kayaking as a hobby plays a critical role in a health a health and fitness lifestyle. It can also be relaxing, challenging, or fun social activity. That said, here are some fantastic health benefits accrued to challenging yourself to a kayaking expedition once in a while.

Enhances Weight Loss and Muscle Building

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The intensive nature of kayaking makes it a great workout for weight loss and muscle building. The intensity of these workouts depends on where you kayak. For instance, if you are planning to get a challenge that will hasten the fat burning process and build your stamina, kayaking in the ocean or up a river. This is not to say that kayaking on a calm surface is less beneficial as far as losing weight or building your strength and endurance levels are concerned.

Improved Heart Health

Paddling a kayak is one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can have. The improvement in cardiovascular health can be achieved in many ways. Paddling, like any other aerobic exercise, forces the heart to pump more blood to other body organs. Increased heart rate has the effect of making your heart stronger. The benefits of improved cardio go a long way in improving the quality of your life along with enhancing your energy levels.

Less Stress

Statistics on the prevalence of depression and other stress-related conditions paints a worrying image. Exercises like kayaking have been proven to have a calming effect. Kayaking often makes your body to release endorphins or feel-good hormones, which are responsible for improving out. Not to mention, the kayaking environment while addling is ideal for improving mental health. It is for this reason that kayaking is a highly sporting activity.

man kayaking aloneImproved Self-Image

Kayaking as a sport offers an excellent opportunity to increase your social circle. Spending quality in the company of like-minded in satisfying in many ways. Plus the fact that kayaking makes healthy is also a great incentive towards improving your self-esteem.

In a nutshell, kayaking is a rewarding pastime activity, especially on your health. For maximum benefits, check out for the best kayaks based on your needs. If you prefer spending time with your partner, you might buy two units of a kayak for two people.…